Weave & Embroidery, Design and Production

Alice Timmis Studio designs and produces textiles, and specialises in Jacquard woven fabrics, Hand-woven bespoke cloth, and Embroideries. 

Having studied an MA in woven textiles at Royal College of Art, and before that trained with embroidery champion, Jenny King, Alice is highly specialised in both weave and stitch. She works collaboratively with fashion designers, as well as to tight briefs, developing fabrics specifically for their collections. She has a painterly style and often combines techniques.

She creates collections of swatch fabrics each season, directed for women’s and men's fashion, and interiors, and has sold internationally via woven studio, Dash & Miller. 

Her client list to date includes Ashish, Sadie Williams, Emilio de la Morena, Steventai, Tata Naka, Tommy Zhong, Blood Brother, Calvin Klein Home, and WGSNVivi Raila and Kirstie Eells are also amongst her list of collaborators.

Alice’s embroideries have been credited for their contributions to the catwalk by various journalists including Vogue’s Suzy Menkes.

Alice's studio is based in South London, and is available on a freelance and consultancy basis.

Jacquard Weave

Alice Timmis Studio works with a jacquard mill in Italy to produce jacquard fabrics. As well as seasonal collections, the studio offers:

- Fabric development and sampling

- Industrial manufacture of Jacuqard Cloth. We can produce fabrics with no minimum or maximum order. 

Hand Weave

Alice Timmis Studio boasts sampling and full length production hand looms. The studio offers:

-Fabrics and yarn consultation.

-Hand  Woven Sampling 

- Production of bespoke and couture lengths of hand woven fabrics.


Alice Timmis Studio offers:

-     freehand embroideries that are produced on Irish Embroidery machines, based in the London studio. The Irish  produces Satin stitch of the highest quality. Creative options for embellishments using this machine are endless. 

-Sampling and development of embroideries

-Final production of embroideries